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Stride helps physical therapists spend more time with their patients, not their computer

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Cloud Based

Access your data from anywhere with an internet connection


Your data is protected in HIPAA compliant data centers


Get up and running quickly with our easy to use platform


Everything built in
to simplify your work

Stay organized, stay effective

See more patients and generate more revenue with the help of Stride's powerful automation that saves hours a week with integrated tools, fast documentation, and claim scrubbing.

Why practices choose Stride

Our modern, intuitive physical therapy software is the single platform for your entire team

Front Desk

Imagine a new patient calls in and you schedule her initial evaluation, verify benefits, and send an intake form in a couple clicks. No more phone tag or hours spent talking to insurance companies. Sounds great, right?

Now stop imagining because this is exactly what Stride does for you. What. A. Relief.


You went into physical therapy to help patients get better, not to spend all day typing. Stride's system is fast, like really fast, meaning that you can get your notes done while you're with your patients and not at home after work.


Do you want your staff focused on delivering an exceptional client experience and outstanding patient outcomes? Yeah, we do too.

Stride eliminates paperwork and automates time consuming tasks so your staff can spend time on what’s important to your practice. Our software not only makes your staff happier, but also helps you capture more revenue.

Spend more time with your patients, not your computer.

About us

We are passionate about physical therapy. As healthcare veterans, we know that non-invasive and restorative care delivers not only the best results for patients but also for the healthcare industry.

Our belief

We believe that the future of physical therapy is data driven. We believe we can elevate physical therapy practices by unlocking data not currently used in EMRs.

Our mission

Our mission is to help physical therapists achieve superior patient outcomes.

Our goal

Our goal is to make practices more efficient and more productive. Our software automates tasks so you can focus on delivering an exceptional client experience and growing revenue.